functional plant paradise

A well-kept garden, pretty flower beds or a beautiful terrace: all this is possible with brockytony! In a special process, clay is fired and blown at temperatures of 1,200 °C. The expanded clay granulate is then sieved and mechanically broken up. brockytony is chemically neutral, absolutely free of germinable weed seeds and plant parts capable of regeneration.

It is frost-resistant, non-flammable, resistant to hydrolysis, soil solution and microorganisms. The clay granulate has a bulk density of 320 ± 45 kg/m³. Due to its open porosity and its grain size of 4 – 10 mm, it can store over 76 % of its dry weight in water. The coordinated grain size distribution ensures an excellent soil air content even when water is saturated. So your garden will always remain a paradise!

Durable and lightweight
Water storing
Easy to use
Ecological filler
Protects against dehydration

with brockytony natural you see green.

resistant and uncomplicated:

brockytony facilitates new planting in difficult site conditions, such as limited root space or poor soil quality. Due to the open porosity of the clay granulate, it can absorb water and nutrients and release them back to the roots as required. Foreign growth such as flying seeds is limited to a minimum.

improvement of the soil quality:

Topsoils and all commercially available substrates can be loosened up and their quality improved by brockytony. Heavy soils are better aerated. In dry soils it provides for a higher water storage.

regulation of the water balance:

Due to its pore structure, brockytony is excellently suited for drainage in soils with high water content. It absorbs excess water and releases it back to the plants as required. At the same time, its open pores allow it to store an enormous amount of water – more than 76% of its dry weight. If brockytony is mixed into dry soils, they can absorb more moisture.

brockytony clay granulate for outdoor greenery…

… as drainage:

As a base layer, brockytony absorbs excess moisture, stores it and releases it back to the plant as required. This ensures adequate ventilation, waterlogging and mould formation are minimised. Place 1 – 2 cm of brockytony as a bottom layer in the pot, place a separating fleece on top and fill the pot with soil.

… against desiccation:

With a cover of brockytony over normal soil especially in plant pots, the moisture in the soil is better stored. Add 3 – 6 cm of brockytony to the pot as the lower layer and 3 – 6 cm to the upper layer.

… in combination with earth:

In combination with soil, brockytony ensures an ideal soil structure. The soil is loosened up and more nutrients and moisture can be stored. This is particularly ideal for heavy outdoor soil. Mix brockytony with soil in the ratio 1:9.

brockytony active & decoton as decorative cover

Our brockytony clay balls complement the clay granules perfectly. In addition to the functional properties of expanded clay, they are both decorative and a real eye-catcher!