clay gravel

functional plant paradise

A well-kept garden, pretty flower beds or a beautiful terrace: all this is possible with brockytony! brockytony granules are made using a special process. The clay is baked and expands at a temperature of 1200°C. The expanded granulate is then sieved and broken up mechanically. brockytony is chemically neutral and completely free from seeds that may germinate or plant parts that may regenerate.

The granules are frost-resistant, non-flammable, and resist hydrolysis, soil dissolution and microorganisms. The clay granulate has a bulk density of 320 ± 45 kg/m³. Its porosity and grain size of 4 to 10 mm enables it to store over 76% of its dry weight in water. The grain size is distributed in a balanced way to ensure that the soil is exceptionally well aerated even when it is saturated.
A great way to ensure your garden is always a beautiful green paradise!

Durable and light

Stores moisture

Ecological filling material

Provides excellent drainage

Provides sun protection

with brockytony clay granulate you see green.

Highly durable and easy to use:

brockytony granules simplify growing plants in difficult locations where there is limited space for roots or where soil conditions are suboptimal. The clay granules are highly porous and efficiently absorb water and nutrients so they can be supplied directly to plant roots as required. They also keep weeds to a minimum by preventing stray seeds from taking root.

Better soil quality:

brockytony granules break up and improve the quality of top soil and other standard substrates. They effectively aerate heavy soils and  help dry soil to retain more moisture.

Controls the way your plants are watered:

brockytony granules have a porous structure, so they provide an excellent way to drain soils that are prone to heavy waterlogging. They absorb excess water and feed it directly to the plants when it is required. The large pores can absorb a huge amount of water – over 76% of each granule’s dry weight in fact! Mixing brockytony granules into dry soil helps it to absorb more moisture.

brockytony clay granules green up your outdoor space…

… improves drainage:

When used as a base layer, brockytony absorbs excess water, stores it and then feeds it directly to the plants when it is needed. This ensures that the soil is well aerated and waterlogging and mould formation are minimised. Place a 1 to 2 cm layer of brockytony in the bottom of a container, lay horticultural fleece on top and then fill with soil.

… combats dry conditions:

Using brockytony as a mulch over the surface of regular soil will help it to retain moisture more effectively, especially in plant pots. Place a 3 to 6 cm layer of brockytony at the bottom of a container and apply another layer of the same depth over the surface as a mulch.

… works well with the soil:

When combined with soil, brockytony granules enable you to create an ideal soil structure. The granules break up the soil, enabling more nutrients and moisture to be stored. They are particularly effective on heavy soils in outdoor areas.
Mix brockytony with the soil at a ratio of 1:9.

brockytony clay balls as decorative cover

Our brockytony clay balls complement the clay granules perfectly. In addition to the functional properties of expanded clay, they are both decorative and a real eye-catcher!