Quelle: Tanya Visser – The Gardener | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rou9gRbw8nE

I get really excited when I find a product that I’ve got many uses for. And such a product is the stuff it’s called brockytony clay pellets – hydrolyzed clay.

Bottom line is it works brilliantly for me, because I can use it for so many different applications. Let’s start off with what is it and woah – I like it.

Number one it’s actually a clay that’s been heated to 1,200 degrees and it’s been blown to form these little balls. These little balls are then aggregated evenly created they’ve got pores in it, which means they are incredibly light, very very lightweight. So you’ve got a consistency which is really good for decoration working with and so so large I mean this is like not even a gram which means that a couple of things that’s gonna be important.

Number one that’s easy to work with.

Number two it has many many uses and it also looks good, because it comes with some cool colors. This green has to be my favorite. Look at this gorgeous color it’s so cool to work with. So there’s six colors to choose from which means that it’s gonna fit in almost any hue or whatever your decorative style is and the reason why is this. Because if you want to put it around an orchid, just as a decorative mulch, works brilliantly.

You know when you buy a pot plant and you don’t wanna see the soil around this little bonsai, it also works perfectly so instead of using ordinary stones or buying a large bag of pebbles you can just buy a little bag of this and it works great. Plus what do we do with the rest of it – here’s the great thing I love it to grow bulbs and in the past we’ve used stones. Now you can just simply use these and they reusable, because it’s been airblown.

These little guys have the amazing ability to hold lots of water and that is a key important area of this. So your plants are more than likely never gonna stress out. Because once they’ve been in water for six hours before using them, especially if you’re gonna be planting with them, then you know that the correct moisture capacity is going to be there for your plants which is really important of course. If you’re using them as decorative you don’t need to do the pre soaking.

The brockytony clay aggregates set at a pH of 6.5 which means it’s pH neutral and that works brilliantly for all plants. So how can you use these brockytony pebbles:
Number one you can use it as a layer just around the plants on top of the plants to have the soil.
The second way that you can use it is to actually use it and planting up your bulbs use it as a potting medium. In this case you would want to soak them for six hours before.
It can also be used in a tray with a little bit of water and at which then creates humidity for plants that enjoy it – like your orchids your bromeliads which in need that surrounding humidity in order to flower. Especially if you’re on the half felt that is a really important thing to do.
You can wash and reuse them which means that you’re saving a whole lot of cash you can also use them in hydroponic growing which is becoming a really really big interest group. These pebbles have superior drainage.
They also help with air circulation, because of the big gaps and between them, which all plants love and most importantly, they absorb moisture. So that when your plants need them, the plants can simply extract it out of the pebbles and that’s because you soak them for the six hours before.

So all in all we’ve got a product that looks quite sexy and for me I’ve got many applications which means that it surely is gonna become part of my potting shed arsenal.